Selling Australia

With tourism fast becoming one of the biggest industries across the globe, the documentary looks at just how far Australia is prepared to go in search of the tourist dollar.

Diving School

This highly dramatic and often humorous documentary follows ten students on one of the world’s toughest training courses.

Paying For The Piper

Piper Alpha: the worst off-shore oil disaster the world has seen. When the oil rig exploded in 1988, of the 229 men onboard 167 were killed.

Home of the Blizzard

A special team travel to Antarctica to restore the expedition huts of famous Australian explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson. The huts represent the tradition of Antarctic exploration in the constant battle against the icy wilderness.

Hutan: Wildlife of the Malaysian Rainforest

The first natural history series to explore the oldest rainforest in the world enters the primeval jungle, revealing a hidden world teaming with life.

Shipwreck Coast Part 2: The Gelignite Bucaneer

This is the story of the controversial life and times of Alan Robinson, Australia's most infamous treasure hunter who ruthlessly plundered silver from the 17th century shipwrecks off the North West Coast of Australia.