Kindness of Strangers

This cutting-edge science film offers a powerful and fascinating examination of one of the most prominent mysteries of human nature: the existence of altruism. Is it possible that we can act in a way completely devoid of self- interest?

Shipwreck Detectives 2

Shipwreck Detectives returns for a second series, Follow the adventures of maritime archaeologists on their quest to discover new shipwrecks and uncover secrets from the past.

Aussie Animal Rescue 2

Capturing the drama and emotion of the first series, Aussie Animal Rescue 2 introduces new animals, characters, locations and emergency situations. Every episode brings a different set of tough decisions, life threatening operations and dramatic rescues.

The Snakebuster

Clad in Black, covered in tattoos and riding a Harley Davidson, Bruce George is the Snakebuster. Bruce travels Australia to face some of the world’s most venomous snakes.

Shipwreck Detectives

The Shipwreck Detectives are no ordinary sleuths. A team of maritime archaeologists, they scour the ocean floor in search of vital clues to help unravel the secrets of the past.

Aussie Animal Rescue

A dramatic and heart-warming series that enters the world of Australian wildlife rescuers.