Navy Divers

Life at the front line of national defence: plunging to death defying depths, defusing live explosives and launching covert attacks behind enemy lines.

Death of the Megabeasts

A team of scientific detectives from around the world attempt to crack one of science’s most enduring mysteries – what killed Australia’s megafauna?

The Snake Crusader

The Snakebuster hits the roads again. But with a new series and fresh challenges comes the new pseudonym: The Snake Crusader. Bruce’s adventure starts where he left off, taking him across Australia.

Eco House Challenge

Eco House Challenge tackles one of the biggest issues in the world today by challenging ordinary families to radically transform their lives and homes in a monumental bid to become eco-friendly.

Pipe Dreams

This dramatisation tells the story of the tragic life of Charles Yelverton O’Conner and the construction of arguably the longest water pipeline in the world. Though his achievements are now revered and celebrated, in his life he was misunderstood and undervalued by his contemporaries.

Kindness of Strangers

This cutting-edge science film offers a powerful and fascinating examination of one of the most prominent mysteries of human nature: the existence of altruism. Is it possible that we can act in a way completely devoid of self- interest?