Ned's Head

A human skull shrouded in mystery and controversy is handed in to authorities. It is allegedly the long lost skull of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, stolen over 30 years ago.

Dino Stampede

In remote Queensland, Australia a 100 million year old mystery is captured in stone. Thousands of dinosaur footprints all pointing to one terrifying moment. What were these dinosaurs, why were they all here, why did they all run in one direction? And is a monstrous track proof of a new prehistoric killer?

SAS - The Search For Warriors

For the first time in 25 years the Australian SAS lift their veil of secrecy to reveal what it takes to pass the toughest military selection course in the world.

Pirate Patrol

The crew of Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba, are on patrol in the troubled waters of the Persian Gulf.

Gallipoli's Deep Secrets

On his latest underwater quest the discoverer of the Titanic, Dr. Robert Ballard, explores one of the greatest turning points of the 20th century.

Every Family's Nightmare

Every Family’s Nightmare is the shocking true story of a 15-year-old boy wrongly accused of rape and a family’s incredible fight for justice in the face of systemic faults in the criminal justice system.