Railroad Australia

Discover the amazing inner workings of Australia’s railroads and the dedicated train crews who face an every day battle to keep the nation on track.

Wild Survivor

With nothing more than a traditional raft and spear, Phil Breslin faces deadly rip tides and croc-infested waters as he navigates through a maze of inhospitable islands.

Outback Truckers Season 3

The outback is one of the world's last wild frontiers. It's vast, untamed and home to some of the toughest to reach places on Earth. For the giant trucks who roam this epic, harsh country, there's only one way to get from A to B - the hard way.

The Real Jaws

Like the movie, Jaws, shark attack is one of our worst nightmares. In the waters off Western Australia, 5 deaths in just 10 months shocked the local community and scientists.

Australia - Life on the Edge

Landmark series exploring the true story of Australia - the nation's with the sea.

Change My Race

Anna Choy, takes a personal and highly confronting journey uncovering the growing trend of deracialisation cosmetic surgery in Australia.