Batavia Revealed: Shipwreck Psycho

On a remote wind-swept desert island, a team of forensic scientists uncover a skeleton in a shallow grave. This horrific find is evidence to the bloodiest shipwreck story of all time.

Outback Opal Hunters Season 1

They are the world's toughest treasure hunters aiming to strike it rich on a quest for the ultimate Queen of Gems - Opal.

Outback Truckers Season 6

Tackling the toughest roads and heaviest loads, Outback Truckers is back for an exciting 6th season!

Outback Truckers Season 5

Epic roads, monster loads and more dirt madness, Outback Truckers is back for another classic season.

Railroad Australia Season 2

They are the kings of the Australian Outback. Some of the biggest trains in the world, on epic journeys, through a hostile continent. A nation depends on them and the teams that keep these metal monsters on the tracks, hauling huge loads of food, freight and mineral riches across incredible distances.

Outback Opal Hunters Season 2

Australia’s toughest miners face triumph and disaster hoping to make a fortune chasing one of the world’s most coveted gems: Opal. 90% of the world entire supply is in only found in the Australian Outback. With world prices doubling every five years a single piece can be worth millions of dollars, making a miner rich overnight.