Railroad Australia Season 2

They are the kings of the Australian Outback. Some of the biggest trains in the world, on epic journeys, through a hostile continent. A nation depends on them and the teams that keep these metal monsters on the tracks, hauling huge loads of food, freight and mineral riches across incredible distances.

Outback Pilots

Outback Pilots enters the extreme world of the “bush pilots” who risk their lives to help remote farmers, industries and communities spread across the vast wilderness of the Australian outback.

Martin Clunes Islands of Australia

Martin Clunes, star of the TV series Doc Martin, is on a quest to discover the islands of Australia. There are over 8000 to choose from and in this 3 part series Martin visits sixteen of the best. They are a cross section of what island life is all about; islands that express the diversity, the history and the challenges of life on islands Down Under.

Outback Truckers Season 4

The Outback is one of the world's last wild frontiers. It's vast, untamed and home to some of the toughest places to reach on Earth. For the trucks and truckers who travel this epic, harsh country, there's only one way to get from A to B - the hard way.

Railroad Australia

Discover the amazing inner workings of Australia’s railroads and the dedicated train crews who face an every day battle to keep the nation on track.

Wild Survivor

Abandoned on a desert island in the dangerous and remote waters off the Kimberly coast in far North Western Australia, indigenous Australian Phil Breslin must find his way back to the mainland with nothing more than a spear and a traditional raft.