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The Real Jaws

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With a deadly spate of shark attacks in Western Australia is a real life Jaws terrorising the idyllic beaches of Perth?

Seven deadly shark attacks in just two years; a city is in fear; a community is divided. Perth is in the grip of a real Jaws scenario. Like the 1974 blockbuster movie, people are afraid to go into the water. Why are these attacks happening and what can be done to stop them?

To find out, The Real Jaws teams up with leading shark experts in WA and the US to hunt for clues and work out how future attacks can be stopped. Utilising cutting-edge anti- shark technology and high-tech equipment including a mini submarine, scientists are in a race against time to save people and the sharks before the next attack of the real Jaws.

Broadcaster Channel 9, Nova, National Geographic Channel
Production Stills