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Shipwreck Coast Part 2: The Gelignite Bucaneer

This is the story of the controversial life and times of Alan Robinson, Australia's most infamous treasure hunter who ruthlessly plundered silver from the 17th century shipwrecks off the North West Coast of Australia.

Using highly destructive methods, Robinson gained the nickname the 'Gelignite Buccaneer' from his preferred use of extraction - gelignite!

Heritage was being sacrificed for commercial gain and it became a race against time to stop Robinson, before all was lost.

Set in the 1960's, this dramatised documentary includes boat chases on the high seas, clashes with the police, courtroom drama and imprisonment in a colourful adventure tale which ultimately ends in tragedy.

The ironic legacy of the Gelignite Buccaneer's exploits led to Australia developing some of the earliest and best protective shipwreck legislation in the world.

Broadcaster Channel 7
Distributor RPTA / Primetime, Oberon
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