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The Man Who Jumped

At the Woomera Detention Centre in 2002, protests by asylum seekers erupted. Temperatures soared to over 50 degrees. More than 200 of the detainees were on hunger strike.

Women and children sewed up their lips in silent protest. Some swallowed detergent and shampoo. At the height of the conflict, a bare-chested young man climbed on to the perimeter fence. Below him were coils of deadly razor wire. Suddenly without warning….he jumped.

Captured by television news cameras, this image shocked the nation, made headlines around the world and came to define one of the darkest chapters of Australian history.

The Man Who Jumped asks the questions who was he, why did he jump and what happened to him? In seeking answers this explosive new film reveals the true story behind one of the world’s harshest asylum seeker policies.

Broadcaster SBS
Distributor SBS
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