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Outback Opal Hunters Season 3

The Australian Outback’s wildest treasure hunters return with new teams and new machines to face even bigger challenges as they push their bodies, bank accounts and will power to the limit on a quest to strike it rich hunting a treasure worth over 500 times more than gold: Opal

A single piece can be worth millions of dollars and 90% of the world’s entire supply lies hidden beneath the searing Australian Outback. A lucky miner could become a millionaire overnight.

With ten teams across four states the series joins their daily battle to find a fortune, living off the grid, surviving the searing heat, fighting breakdowns and ruthless opal thieves.

Favourite teams from last season, Col Duff, The Cooke Brothers, The Boulder Boys and The Fire Crew return and are joined by brand new teams, The Bushmen, The Young Guns, The Tunnel Rats, The McFarlanes and The Brits

The series follows their roller-coaster ride of hope and heartbreak as they test themselves each day against the vastness of the unforgiving outback. Along the way they must confront cunning gem dealers, grizzled veterans, and untamed outback characters.

Broadcaster Discovery Channel
Distributor Flame
Production Stills