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Outback Truckers Season 7

The forbidding extremes of the vast Australian interior challenge the cast of Outback Truckers as this unique series returns for an exciting 7th season. From extreme heat to deadly bushfires to life threatening breakdowns in the back of beyond, the series captures the real-life dramas of truckers as they race deadlines and the elements to deliver on time.

Outback legend, Steve Grahame, journeys into the red heart of Australia on an epic quest to defeat the blistering heat and a hill that threatens to send his over-sized rig rolling backwards and smashing into smithereens.

Married couple Anthony and Danyelle Haigh return, taking their water drilling rig off road and to places where few truckers have ever been seeking life giving water to open up new cattle grazing land.

Veteran trucker Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall takes on his biggest job ever, leading a 10-truck convoy on an epic mercy dash to the other side of Australia to deliver free hay to drought-stricken farmers.

And new to the series, Justin Harrison, almost leaves before he joins after losing two wheels and then risking being crushed beneath his truck while hauling a massive combine Harvester down the iconic Birdsville Track.

Buckle up and get ready to battle the dirt roads, downpours and dramas of Outback Truckers.

Broadcaster Discovery UK, Quest, 7mate
Distributor Flame
Production Stills