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Whale Super Highway

Whale Super Highway follows humpback whales and blue pygmy whales on their 6,500-kilometre migration down the coast of Western Australia to the freezing waters of Antarctica and back again. Once hunted to the brink of extinction, humpback whales have made an extraordinary recovery. Today, Western Australia has the largest population of migratory humpbacks in the world, with more than 35,000 humpbacks travelling this stretch of water annually.

It’s a story of tremendous success, yet the secrets of the humpbacks’ recovery from endangerment are murky. The largest creature on Earth, the blue whale, swims the same waters, but blue whales struggle to survive. In Whale Super Highway, marine biologists follow both these majestic mammals on their migratory journeys, in search of answers.

Whale Super Highway provides a stunning look at life in the waters of Western Australia. It reveals fascinating information about whales — while underscoring how much we still have to learn. The film celebrates the conservation success story of humpback whales but acknowledges the critical work we still must do to protect the ocean.

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