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Outback Opal Hunters Season 2

Australia’s toughest miners face triumph and disaster hoping to make a fortune chasing one of the world’s most coveted gems: Opal. 90% of the world entire supply is in only found in the Australian Outback. With world prices doubling every five years a single piece can be worth millions of dollars, making a miner rich overnight.

Favourite teams from last season The Rookies, Col’s Crew, The Cooke Brothers, and The Opal Queen return and are joined by brand new team The Fire Crew; a family risking all their savings hoping to strike it rich hunting valuable new opal in a totally new region of Australia.

With five teams over four states the series follows their roller-coaster ride of hope and heartbreak as they measure themselves each day against the vastness of the unforgiving outback. Along the way they must confront cunning gem dealers, grizzled veterans, and untamed outback characters.

There will be new machines, new mines, and new challenges. Old friendships will fall apart, new friends be found and a fortune in opal with be unearthed, all in the brutal Australian Outback.

Broadcaster Discovery, RMC Decoverte
Distributor Flame
Production Stills