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Ningaloo: Australia's Other Great Reef

Young marine scientist, Anna Cresswell, aboard mini-submersible Odyssea, embarks on a daring voyage into the labyrinth of Western Australia’s iconic Ningaloo Reef. Her mission is to witness the annual, synchronised mass coral spawning.

Governed by the lunar cycle this is the greatest reproductive show on Earth. Along the way Anna navigates through a maze of spectacular coral structures, inhabited by an abundance of exotic marine life, in one of the most diverse and complex eco systems ever discovered.

By nightfall, far inside the reef, Odyssea sets down in darkness, surrounded by an array of tiny predators also there for the coral spawning. Mysterious, mammoth in scale and wondrous to behold, coral spawning is the well-spring of all life on the reef. In the face of global warming it may also be its saviour. Anna believes that understanding it more fully may help scientists protect the World’s coral reefs from the ravages of climate change.

NINGALOO is a blue-chip natural history documentary in 4K resolution, using a super wide 200 degree fisheye lens. Produced for 180-degree dome theatre screens, the film informs, moves and inspires through an unparalleled immersive experience.

Coming soon to a dome theatre near you!

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