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Outback Truckers Season 5

Epic roads, monster loads and more dirt madness, Outback Truckers is back for another classic season.

Australia is a land of extremes and the Outback Truckers face those extremes on every job they do. Tropical storms can turn a dry dirt road into a massive bog in hours. Get stuck and it can take weeks to get out. Desert heat can cook a man and his engine in minutes. Make a wrong move and you can end up dead. Long distances challenge a driver’s concentration and stamina; some jobs require over 4000 kilometres behind the wheel. Fall asleep in charge of a 100 tonne road train travelling at 100km per hour and you’re a high speed bomb!

Hazards lurk around every corner, when there are corners. Australia has the world’s longest straight road. It’s 90 miles long and stretches across the infamous desert of the Nullabor Plain. There’s all this and more….bushfires, bad drivers, closed roads, unstable loads, police checks, curfews, deadlines and the ever present money pressures.

Strap yourself in and get ready for another fuel injected, full throttle ride on Outback Truckers!

New to the series is married ‘two-up’ team Nick and Jo Atkins. These country folk scrape a living taking their truck into places trucks aren’t supposed to go. Remote communities depend on Nick and Jo to bring in vital supplies especially before the notorious wet season starts. If Nick and Jo can’t get in… whole communities will collapse … if they can’t get out their whole livelihood will be destroyed.

Returning legend, Steve Grahame, faces challenge after challenge as he navigates truck destroying dirt tracks and impatient customers on one of the longest trips in the world, over 4000 bone jarring kilometres.

In Queensland Robbie and Ashleigh Mackay run the family house moving business. But this isn’t your usual removal company, Robbie and Ashley move entire houses! They are monster loads that require special permits and restricted by tight curfews. Miss a deadline and the whole operation can come crashing down. Hit an obstacle on the road and literally the whole house can come crushing down.

Family man Yogi is back, shifting more unusual and antique loads on his coast to coast journeys. But travelling east brings more than just the challenge of the job. His father is seriously sick and Yogi needs to balance seeing his family in Western Australia with visits to see his Dad over 2000 kilometres away in Melbourne.

Broadcaster 7Mate, Discovery
Distributor Flame
Production Stills