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Outback Pilots

Outback Pilots enters the extreme world of the “bush pilots” who risk their lives to help remote farmers, industries and communities spread across the vast wilderness of the Australian outback.
This series captures the daily dramas of a wide variety of outback piloting jobs and provides an insight into the vital role they play in the survival of rural Australia.

Fearless and focused the flying men and women of the outback rule the skies over the vast wilderness of rural Australia. Modern-day guns for hire, the pilots of the outback play a vital role in this ‘do-or-die’ frontier world, from fire control to fertiliser spreading, from rounding up cattle to providing essential medical care to isolated communities.

Flying at death-defying heights, dodging killer weather and battling everything that the extreme environment of outback Australia can throw at them, this is some of the most challenging and exhilarating aerial work in the world.
Outback Pilots takes to the air with these daredevil pilots to discover more about the crucial work they tackle and the daily dangers, dramas and challenges they come up against.

Broadcaster Channel 7, Discovery, TVNZ
Distributor Flame
Production Stills