Shipwreck Psycho airs Thursday 9th August on SBS!

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Thursday 9th August 8:30pm on SBS!

 A 400 year old true crime story set on a remote desert island.  A shipwreck with hundreds of stranded castaways leaves behind a story of terrifying murder, mayhem and madness. Over three blood soaked months, a Lord of the Flies scenario develops where a regime of terror is established, led by one man.  Gradually survivor turns on survivor and by the end, 115 men, women, children even babies have been brutally slain. Now, a team of archaeologists and forensic scientists are on a mission to learn more about what happened and more importantly - why.  In the hunt for clues they unearth skeletons of victims, and travel to where it all began, the Netherlands, to get inside the mind of the leader of the murderer and ask the question: was he a truly a psychopath?


Posted on 08/08/2018