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Prospero Productions is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Head of Production / Line Producer / Producer to join their Senior Management team as Head of Production


This is a full-time position. Working closely with the Managing Directors and General Manager this role is a fast paced, varied one and we are seeking a strategic, collaborative, team player to work with us to shape the future of Prospero. Experience in Factual programming / Observational documentary is a bonus. 


Duties will include (but are not limited to):

·      Identify and implement a focused production strategy for the company.

·      Ensure all production teams are staffed with appropriate personnel /contracting of teams.

·      Supervise all production management duties and ensure each production comes in on schedule, on budget and delivers editorially and technically according to the contracts and expectations of the broadcasters.

·      Work closely with the Head of Finance with regards to financing and cost reporting for projects.

·      Oversee schedule management for all projects in production.

·      Oversee and support all production teams.

·      Report on all production progress to the EP’s and investors.

·      Ensure all the correct insurances are in place and understand all policies.

·      Oversee the Edit Facility schedule (in collaboration with the Post-production supervisor).

·      Draft / update all Production Procedure documents and production templates.

·      Maintain the Production department files and records.

  • Preparing Screen Australia and Screenwest funding Applications.
  • Preparing Producer Offset Applications.

·      Such other tasks and responsibilities as are reasonably required

Prospero Production has anywhere from 15 - 40 staff / contractors at any given time and the Head of the Production is generally the ‘go-to’ person for most personnel. 

As well as possessing the ability to complete the aforementioned tasks, the desired candidate should:

·       Be a great communicator and negotiator;

·       Work well in a fast paced, busy environment;

·       Be calm under pressure;

·       Be strategic; and

·       Have a strong knowledge of and interest in the both the local and global market. 





The role is based in Perth.


Interested parties should send CVs and Covering letter for the attention of Jules Fortune to

Posted on 12/04/2021

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Posted on 30/11/2020

Wanted: Series Producer

Prospero Productions is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Series Producer to lead a team for a new exciting and heart-warming character driven Observational Documentary series, set in Western Australia. 


This ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of factual programming and the ability to craft a new format.  Experience managing sizeable production teams is essential. 


You will see production through to network delivery, in accordance with production budget and schedules. Working closely and collaboratively with field directors and story producers, you will be responsible for the overall editorial direction of the Series.  You will oversee Post production and will need to have a demonstrated ability to work across multiple edit suites at once – shaping the series, providing direction, feedback and narration scripts. 

This role involves close collaboration with stakeholders and the Executive Producers both internally and externally.


This is a big job and only experienced Ob-Doc Series Producers, with previous Series Producer broadcast credits should apply.  Experience in fixed rig production is a bonus. Working with Children Check required.

This is an 8-part series and the role offers a 40-week contract commencing in late October 2020 through to August 2021.

The role is based in Perth.


Interested parties should send CVs and Covering letter for the attention of Jules Fortune to

Posted on 01/10/2020

Navigating our way through the pandemic

Prospero Productions navigates its way through the pandemic

21 May, 2020 by Don Groves
Prospero Productions has responded nimbly and creatively to the coronavirus pandemic with the Discovery commissions Outback Truckers and Outback Opal Hunters.

The Perth-based factual production house headed by Julia Redwood and Ed Punchard had almost finished filming the eighth series of Outback Truckers when travel restrictions were imposed in March.

To carry out the six shoots remaining, they had two-person crews “tag-teaming,” one following the truckers in Western Australia, the other taking over when they crossed into the Northern Territory.

“It was very difficult and we had to think outside the box,” Redwood told Screen Producers Australia CEO Matt Deaner in a webinar on Wednesday.

“Nothing stops a producer when you are in production. One trucker who was in the vulnerable group did not want the director in the cab so we Go-Pro’d him, gave him an earpiece and he virtually directed himself.”

On season four of Outback Opal Hunters, two-person crews started filming in April in Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Opalton and White Cliffs. The interstate crews had to self-isolate for two weeks in towns such as Dubbo and were tested for the virus before they went to the locations.

Redwood said production budgets had to increase to cover higher costs including hotel accommodation, but Discovery had been very understanding and supportive.

The producer sees a great opportunity for Australian factual filmmakers during the pandemic to make content for broadcasters worldwide.

Asked about the current attitude of networks towards commissioning, she said: “We are still in a transition period where broadcasters are working out their world and what they need.

“They are contracting because of costs and looking at acquisitions and they’re not quite sure what audiences want yet until COVID-19 pans out.”

Deaner observed that as documentary and children’s animation production has continued, there was no justification for the Federal Government to suspend the sub-quotas on their genres.

The producer said she favours option three of the Screen Australia/ACMA options paper.

That model would see all commercial content service providers including subscription services invest a percentage of revenue into new Australian content and the Producer, Location and PDV offsets harmonised at a single rate across all platforms

She isn’t sure how the mooted Australian Production Fund would be structured but argued against establishing another bureaucracy.

Posted on 21/05/2020