Prospero Productions and our affiliates have been widely recognised for our work – both by the film industry and those industries we have touched through our films.

Australia - Life on the Edge

Change My Race

Outback Truckers

Jack the Ripper - Australia's Killer

The Man Who Jumped

Ned's Head

Dino Stampede

SAS - The Search For Warriors

Pirate Patrol

Every Family's Nightmare

Heartbreak Science

Navy Divers

Death of the Megabeasts

Eco House Challenge

Kindness of Strangers

Shipwreck Detectives 2

Shipwreck Detectives

Selling Australia

Diving School

Paying For The Piper

Hutan: Wildlife of the Malaysian Rainforest

Shipwreck Coast Part 2: The Gelignite Bucaneer

Shipwreck Coast Part 1: The Batavia - Wreck, Mutiny & Murder

No Survivors